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Available Positions

We are committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our team.

We welcome everyone to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to advance scientific research together.

Research Assistant Positions for Undergraduate, Master's, and Medical Students (Experimental)

1 position is available. Students will be trained to perform the following tasks:
(1) Cell culture (human and mouse cells)
(2) Biochemical analysis (e.g. Western blots, DNA gels, etc.)
(3) Human and mouse tissue immunostaining as well as image acquisition and analysis (e.g. fluorescence microscopy)
(4) Mouse studies (e.g. genotyping and organ harvesting)
Prior experiences in wet lab and experimental work would be desired but not required.

Research Assistant Positions for Undergraduate, Master's, and Medical Students (Computational)

1 position is available. Students will be trained to perform the following tasks:

(1) Single-cell spatial analysis with established computational pipeline (e.g. ImageJ, HistoCAT, etc.)

(2) Data analysis for single-cell RNA sequencing, bulk RNA sequencing and microarray profiling (e.g. Partek Flow, Seurat, etc.)

(3) Bioinformatics analysis, molecular docking, virtual screening, analysis of drug pharmacological properties (e.g. Autodock, Pyrx, etc.)

Knowledge in programming languages (e.g. R programming) would be desired but not required.

Students at any levels of their degree and from any institutions (both local and international) are welcome to apply. Students applying for the computational position may work remotely and join virtual meetings. Applicants should be independent thinker, willing to work in a fast pace environment with high efficiency, and are team players.  

In addition to technical skills, students will be trained in critical thinking, figure making, and scientific writing. Students are expected to contribute significantly to projects and will have opportunities to gain authorships in publications. Students are also encouraged to attend and present research work in local and international conferences subject to available funding support. We are also happy to provide mentorship and discuss with students on their career plans and professional developments. This includes preparing students for graduate/medical school applications or industry jobs.

Students are encouraged to apply for NTU Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA) or other programs that support undergraduate research by providing research funding or stipends (e.g. Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program). Students are also encouraged to join us to obtain Final Year Project (FYP) or other independent study course credits. Students based in Singapore may be eligible for allowances (e.g. paid full time summer internship) subject to available funding support.

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